Aromatic. Topical. Internal. All the ways to SAFELY use Essential Oils.

Essential Oil safety is a HOT topic right now. Why? Because the market for Essential Oils is EXPLODING! People everywhere are in search of the best way to care for themselves and many are finding that best way to be through the use of essential oils. That being said, there are many companies out there taking advantage of this and in an effort to make a pretty penny, they're putting out poor quality product. Now this isn't just a Target version of those cute shoes from Nordstrom...these are wellness products that you are putting in or on your body! Producing the purest oils can be very costly. It may require as much as hundreds of pounds of a product just to produce one pound of pure essential oil. Many of the oils produced in the world today are being used by the perfume industry simply for their aromatic quality. That being said, unnecessary high pressure and high temperature, and other tactics are put into place in order to produce a greater quantity at a greater rate. While these oils still smell nice, they will lack most, if not all of the chemical constituents necessary to produce therapeutic results. So unless you are just in search of a nice smelling oil, I'd refrain from purchasing those oils from the local market until you've done your research to find out where they've come from!


There are 3 ways to use PURE THERAPEUTIC GRADE essential oils:

Aromatically, Topically, & Internally.

Aromatic: Aromatic application is the inhalation of either a fine mist or vapor of volatile aromatic components. There are many methods to using essential oils aromatically, my personal favorite is diffusion.

Through diffusion, using essential oils aromatically is beneficial to psychological wellbeing. Good smells make us feel good. Some oils have a stimulating aroma, while others are calming and soothing. Diffusion of essential oils has been found to reduce the amount of airborne chemicals and help to create greater physical and emotional harmony.

I also find this to be the most fun way to use the oils! It's fun to mix & match different oils with one another in search of the perfect blend. There are diffuser blends for almost anything! For some fun diffuser blend ideas check out my  Instagram page!

There are many wonderful diffusers out on the market right now. Here are a few of my favorites:

doTERRA Petal Diffuser (small & easy to use!) 

Green Air Spa Vapor 2.0 (Inexpensive & effective!) 

Mimi Cat Diffuser (totally cute for the kiddos!) 

Topical: Due to their molecular composition, essential oils are easily absorbed through the skin and can be very beneficial when applied SAFELY. Because these oils are PURE and STRONG in nature, you should always use safety precautions when using them topically. While many oils are safe to use "neat" or on their own, dilution is a great way to safely use essential oils topically. Dilute with a carrier oil. My carrier oil of choice is Fractionated Coconut Oil. It's scent-free and in liquid form making it easy to mix with oils. There isn't an EXACT science (maybe there is, but not one I'm aware of...) to diluting, but here is a handy guide to help you dilute SAFELY for your little ones.

The feet are the second fastest area of the body to absorb oils because of the large pores. Other quick absorbing areas are behind the ears & on the wrists. Reflex therapy is a simple method of applying oils to contact points in the feet or hands. Refer to the reflexology chart for more details. 

For easy application, I love to use roller bottles for topical use. The doTERRA Touch Kit contains 9 ready to use essential oil blends that have been properly mixed with fractionated coconut oil to protect sensitive skin while still delivering the benefits found in each essential oil. To order your own doTERRA touch kit click the link, or contact me at  doTERRA TOUCH.

Internal: Essential Oils can also be used as dietary supplements. Some are known for their antioxidant properties, while others are great for inflammation. MOST Essential Oils are safe for ingestion but NOT ALL are. So make sure that before using an oil internally you check that the bottle specifies that it may be used for that purpose! 


There are a number of ways to use EO's internally:

+Sublingual: Placing one to two drops under the tongue. This is one of the most effective ways to take essential oils. 

+Capsules: Place 1-10 drops of essential oil inside an empty capsule. (My preference is doTERRA's Veggie Caps.) This is an effective way to take essential oils that have a less desirable taste: like Oregano! 

+Beverage: An easy (& yummy) way to take essential oils internally is by adding them to a beverage. 

+Cooking: Essential oils can easily be incorporated into your cooking. Just remember they are very concentrated so just 1 drop goes a long way! Check out doTERRA Blog for some yummy recipes that incorporate essential oils!

With SO many ways to use essential oils, once you've began using them it's impossible not to find a way to implement them into your everyday life. Essential oils can be a beautiful, effective tool to have at your fingertips especially when used safely & correctly! 


Happy oiling!