The key to healthy living is HYDRATION! Sometimes it can be difficult to remember to drink more water...and sometimes just plain ol' H2O just doesn't do it for the taste buds. The two things that have helped me stay hydrated are:

1. Having a cute water bottle. I'm obsessed with my S'Well Bottle! (You can shop them below!) Not only does it look good, it keeps my drink nice and cold ALL DAY LONG. 

2. EO's in my H20. I love to flavor my water! My face oils to drink are: Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Wild Orange, and the Slim & Sassy metabolic blend from doTERRA. (It's fun to have so many choices, so my water is NEVER BORING.) 

Essential Oils in your water do more than just add a yummy flavor, they also make for great supplements to keep your body healthy! Lemon and Wild Orange are great for detoxifying the body, and Grapefruit and Slim and Sassy helps with weight loss & curbing sugar cravings.

Want to shop some of these oils to try in your water? SHOP HERE. Want to hear how you can get them at 25% OFF!? Send me an email with the subject "H2Oils Please!" to learn more.