Healthy Resolutions: Mental + Emotional


This year, I have decided to make my health my top priority. Because, it's something I feel as though I have lost sight of since becoming a mom. (Sound familiar mamas!?) I have put so much time + effort into raising my children and tending to their every need, that I had neglected myself to an unhealthy point, and ending the year 2017 on quite a low note physically and emotionally. 

The timing of the New Year could not have been more perfect. The feeling of a fresh slate, and the chance to start "a new" was just the extra push I needed to turn it all around. Today we're only 5 days into 2018 and let me tell you, I have already felt such a drastic shift in myself and my life and it feels SO good. 

I've decided to firstly focus on my mental + emotional wellbeing. I've created a few specific goals/guidelines for myself that have played a huge part in the positive shift happening in my life.

Here's what they are:

 Removing the words "I can't" from my daily language.

This one has been SO much more difficult than I thought it would be. I had no idea how often I was saying these words on a daily basis, and how much those 2 words could have a negative impact on my day. When the boys were getting under my skin: "I can't"; when the laundry was piled high: "I can't"; when running late for every appointment we've ever had: "I can't"; when I began to feel overwhelmed with things happening in my personal life: "I can't." It felt so much easier to just admit defeat and give up, blaming everything negative happening on everyone and everything else. But the cold hard truth of the matter is: it's all on me. And this year, I'm choosing to say "I can." Because at the end of the day the only thing you have control of in this life is YOU and what you can or can not do. 

10 Minute Morning Meditation every day.

I used to think meditation was just a fancy word for relaxing. And I used to think, "I'd rather relax catching up on another episode of This is Us." And while yes, almost every episode made me feel deeply and left me feeling love + happiness, it's not the same as all. I have practiced meditation on occasion for the past year, but have decided that it is something that I need to do daily to improve my mental + emotional wellbeing. Meditation is a mental exercise in which you are able to reflect deeply on whatever you wish. I always begin my meditation applying essential oils. I choose an oil based on my emotional needs for that day and what feels right for me (or just what smells good in the moment!) These are my favorites to incorporate into my practice: 

+the doTERRA Yoga Collection: Arise, Align, & Anchor. (Anchor is my FAVORITE!) 


+the doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy Collection.

love using this as a tool to know which oil I may need for emotional support!

love using this as a tool to know which oil I may need for emotional support!

+ Jasmine & Rose these floral scents are emotionally uplifting and promote feelings of abundance + love.

You can shop any of these oils here! If you want to learn how you can get them for 25% off, leave a comment below with your email address! 


In my meditation practice I like to have a mantra for every day that I repeat as I breathe deeply in and out. Focusing on my breath, and repeating my mantra over and over. My favorite source for a good mantra is my "The Universe Has Your Back" Card Deck. These cards a beautifully illustrated + contain words that will bring you guidance and inspiration. Even if you don't practice meditation, I would highly recommend them to anyone in search of positivity in their life. After repeating my mantra, I will complete my meditation breathing in the word "opportunity" and out the word "love". I don't vocalize these words, rather envision them as I breathe deeply. 


Daily Prayer + Scripture Study

My relationship with God is an important part of who I am. This year I am working to feel closer to Him through daily prayer and scripture study. No matter your religious beliefs, I think it is important to feel close to your creator and as such, do things that make you feel that way. For me, this is to study The Bible + Book of Mormon, and speak to my Heavenly Father in prayer throughout the day. 


As I have implemented these three things into my daily routine, I have been so pleased with the shift I have felt in my emotional and mental wellbeing. Remember, how you feel is up to YOU and YOU only. Join me in making 2018 the year of HEALTH + HAPPINESS! 


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