Do it for your Kids: Making the swap to cleaner beauty.


Why is it so easy to do something for our kids, but so difficult to do something for ourselves? I recently chatted with a long time BFF about making the switch to clean beauty and she said "I already choose clean products for my kids, I don't know why I haven't for myself!?" I think sometimes it can feel selfish to invest in ourselves as moms. Taking time to go to the gym, making ourselves a healthy meal, taking a mental health day, investing in safer + cleaner products for all feels selfish. But the truth of it is, it's the least selfish thing you can do. Your children NEED you. If you do the research the stats are alarming and consequences are quite literally, deadly. 


So it's understood that synthetic chemicals are bad for us...that's a commonly known fact. But why is it legally permitted to include these ingredients in our every day products without warning!? Check out the 6 worst offenders in your bathroom: 


Don't just take my word for it. Allow me to introduce you to your new best friend in your quest for cleaner products-The Environmental Working Group or EWG. At you can look up different products and view their ratings based on the ingredients they are composed of and their safety. Check out EWG to learn more about their mission.  

Are you ready to make the swap for cleaner beauty? I'd recommend starting here: 

The Flawless in 5 Kit. All the staples for a great price! Shop here. 


Any step, big or small is a step in the right direction! Start with your mascara, or foundation. Wherever you start, it's time to make some changes!

Clean up your beauty...not just for you, but for your kids too.