Stylish DISNEY Wear for your littles + YOU!


If you know me well you know my love for all things Disney runs deep, like madly deep.

Given the choice between a day at Disneyland or a day at the spa I would choose Disneyland every single day of my life. Seriously, every day. I love the magic + the excitement. 

Despite my deep rooted love for Disney, I typically shy away from everyday Disney gear because, well--it seems tacky. But you guys, Target's new collaboration with Disney NAILED it with the cutest Disney stuff, EVER.


Check out some of my favorites--







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Favorite Books for Littles


Some of my favorite moments as a mom have been those shared reading a book to my boys. There are so many wonderful books out there with beautiful messages that do such a great job reinforcing the principles we work so hard to teach our kids. And the great ones typically do so with a compelling story line and characters you can't help but fall in love with.  In honor of Read Across America day today, I'm sharing some of our FAVORITE books in my littles' library--  

1. You Are My I Love You. The first time I read this book was to my little Van when he was just 3 months old. I cried through the entire book. It is now my favorite gift to give to expecting moms! This one tugs at the heart strings of a mama. 


2.  How Do Dinosaurs Say I love You? My dino loving boy is obsessed with this book. And honestly, so am I! Its a funny read and a great go-to when my littles are driving me'll see why once you give it a read. 


3.  You are Special. So, disclaimer: my littles don't always sit through the entire reading of this one. It's a little lengthier and probably for an older child (Like 5+)...but the message is so heartwarming I just couldn't leave it off my list! 


4. In My Heart. We were just gifted this one for Van's birthday and LOVE it! A great resource to help your little understand and express how they are feeling. It also doesn't hurt that it is beautifully illustrated! 

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 8.20.03 AM.png

Looking for the perfect gift for the little in your life!? How about a personalized book from I See Me!? These are our favorite gifts to give! Nothing better than seeing your little one's face light up when they realize they're IN the book they're reading! Go check them out and shop HERE  Enter discount code "FRIEND" at checkout for 30% off! 

Our FAVORITE first shoes: FRESHLY PICKED (and they're on SALE!)

Freshly Picked holds a place near + dear to this mama's heart! Both my babes have taken their first steps in their tiny cute moccs. These shoes are as comfortable as they are cute and are SO easy to put on. For a style-conscious mom always on the go (like myself and many other moms out there...) these shoes are heaven sent! 

If you're a mom, these cutie moccs are probably not news to you as they have kind of taken over the children's shoe industry and can be found anywhere from you local boutique to the nearest Nordstrom. Here's what may be news to you: FRESHLY PICKED HAS ADDED NEW STYLES. (& we're obsessed.)

Freshly Picked's Newest Additions:


um, yes please. FP comfort, style, and ease all in a summer lovin' shoe. We're smitten. 


One for all the girl moms out there. Dying inside with jealousy (boy mom here) because these are TOO MUCH cuteness. 



same moccs, less fringe. We LOVE. 

You like what you see? So do we! There are so many styles, colors, & cuteness. We want them all!

Good news: TODAY is a great day to add some new FP to your collection (or start it)! Because...TODAY ONLY Freshly Picked is having a site wide sale of 25% OFF. 

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xx K

Finn Bibs!

This is for the moms of droolers, teethers, and little itty-bitty babes. The ones in search of style, comfort, & wellness when it comes to their little one.

For those of you who know my Finn, you know he is essentially a human water fountain. He drools more than any other baby I know! On average, we would go through about 6-8 bibs a day. And when I say "going through" I mean literally drooling through until the bib was sopping wet and his entire outfit needed to be replaced. And while I loathed the amount of laundry I was doing daily, I wasn't willing to sacrifice the stylish bandana styles and prints for a thick uncomfortable bib to keep him dry longer...

If you have been following my Instagram for a while, you've probably seen my bib-diffuser trick. When my littles were teething (or when they needed soothing) one of my go-to's was to put a couple drops of my calming oil choice of the day (usually lavender!) on the back of their bib for diffusing on the go. While that method was awesome, I noticed it wasn't usually enough. Within just an hour or so the scent wasn't as strong and the oil was (quite literally) drowned out in babe's drool soaked bib.

And these factors, my friends, were the experiences that led to the creation of Finn Bibs. The first ever triple layer bandana bib to keep babe fresh and dry with an exclusive diffuser patch to diffuse your favorite EO's on the go!  

Big thanks to my business partner & mom for helping to make this happen! We are beyond thrilled to be sharing this amazing product with YOU. The shop is open, so head on over and get your shop on!! And because I LOVE YOU, use the coupon code MEBLOG15 for 15% off your purchase.