Finn Bibs!

This is for the moms of droolers, teethers, and little itty-bitty babes. The ones in search of style, comfort, & wellness when it comes to their little one.

For those of you who know my Finn, you know he is essentially a human water fountain. He drools more than any other baby I know! On average, we would go through about 6-8 bibs a day. And when I say "going through" I mean literally drooling through until the bib was sopping wet and his entire outfit needed to be replaced. And while I loathed the amount of laundry I was doing daily, I wasn't willing to sacrifice the stylish bandana styles and prints for a thick uncomfortable bib to keep him dry longer...

If you have been following my Instagram for a while, you've probably seen my bib-diffuser trick. When my littles were teething (or when they needed soothing) one of my go-to's was to put a couple drops of my calming oil choice of the day (usually lavender!) on the back of their bib for diffusing on the go. While that method was awesome, I noticed it wasn't usually enough. Within just an hour or so the scent wasn't as strong and the oil was (quite literally) drowned out in babe's drool soaked bib.

And these factors, my friends, were the experiences that led to the creation of Finn Bibs. The first ever triple layer bandana bib to keep babe fresh and dry with an exclusive diffuser patch to diffuse your favorite EO's on the go!  

Big thanks to my business partner & mom for helping to make this happen! We are beyond thrilled to be sharing this amazing product with YOU. The shop is open, so head on over and get your shop on!! And because I LOVE YOU, use the coupon code MEBLOG15 for 15% off your purchase.