Hello, I'm Katie.


 I am a mom, a wife, a self proclaimed essential oil guru & lover of all things positive and radiant. I currently reside in the beautiful wine country of Sonoma California with my (super fine, dime piece of a ) husband, David and my two (cutie pa-tootie) boys Van + Finnley.

I LOVE sharing my love for holistic wellness and essential oils with others. It is a beautiful feeling to empower others to take control of their lives and find happiness in healthy, vibrational living. I have found great health + happiness for myself and my family through the use of essential oils and want to share that health + happiness with the world.  

And even more than that, I LOVE being a mother. I truly believe that motherhood is the greatest calling in this life. With my whole heart, I love watching my boys learn and grow each day. I love watching them interact with one another and watching their faces light up as they discover the simplest of life's pleasures for the first time. There are so many beautiful & wonderful things about motherhood! That being said, it is also the most physically, mentally, and emotionally draining job ever. (If you beg to differ, you're most likely not a mother yourself....) But at at the end of the day, there is truly nothing I would rather be doing with my life!

Motherhood Essentials is a place where two of my greatest loves come together: to share health + happiness with others & empower moms everywhere. I'm so happy you're here to join the movement and partake of/ share the goodness & blessings of EO's!