Give me all the Mom Swag: Ford + Wyatt.



I genuinely think being a mom is one of the most elite roles in this life. And as such, it's something to be proud of, something you may want to flaunt a little bit. And what better way to do that than with some Mom Swag!?

Yes, the occasional home-made jewelry piece or paper flower is a sweet sentiment and way to show off your little one's love + your devotion. But sometimes I like something a little more subtle and stylish. 

One of my all time FAVORITE "Mom Swag" brands is Ford and Wyatt! The shop is owned and run by an adorable mom in the PNW. The shirts are simple with fun phrases across the front like "Raising Legends" or "Mama Love".

And while they're super cute, they're also great quality! My tee has been through the tried and true "mom life test" (you know the one, messy hands grabbing at your torso, the accidental swipe of the red Crayola marker, etc.) and has passed! It's kept its color and size, and still feels great. It's an all time fave. 


Ford and Wyatt has just RESTOCKED their shop so you're going to want to HURRY over and snag some mom swag for you + you mama bffs, AND even some swag for your kiddos because this shirt is all the heart eyes ------------------------->

SURPRISE! Who wants a discount code!? Enter "FWLOVE" at checkout for 20% off your order. 

Now hurry on over and                   GET YOUR SHOP ON!