Beauty should be GOOD for you.


Beauty should be GOOD for all the ways--

for your body; physically

and for your mind; mentally



We've grown up in a society that says you need "this magical product" or "this life-changing procedure" to make us beautiful. And for years we as women have been blindly following the trends in search of feeling beautiful, and fitting in. Without any thought as to the negative affects these things could have on our bodies.

There is SO much I could say here...but instead, I'll just give you this clip to watch.

And, refer you to THIS previous post of mine. 

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I am so thankful to be apart of this generation--the woke generation. The generation that is saying things like #timesup #metoo and #thistimeitspersonal .

The generation that is taking the the words "beautiful" and "pretty" and using them to describe women universally as opposed to just the ones who we grew up seeing on the cover of magazines. 

Today I listened to Oprah's Supersoul Conversations Podcast with Amy Schumer, and it was full of SO much goodness. She talked about her movie "I Feel Pretty" and it's message that confidence and true beauty come from within.


You know the saying "beauty is pain"? The one that we've heard most of our lives, alluding to the fact that beauty comes at a price; a painful one? FORGET ABOUT IT. STOP SAYING IT. STOP THINKING IT. It's just not true. 

Now, I'm not saying that you should quit your morning work out routine because it's painful, or that you should never wax your eyebrows again because, let's be real--it HURTS. What I'm saying is, we need to stop telling ourselves that in order to BE Beautiful, we need to earn it by enduring some kind of pain. 

A saying I'm more keen on that I think every woman + person needs to know and believe is that "true beauty comes from within." You already ARE beautiful just the way you are. The makeup you wear, and the cosmetic procedures you choose should be to ENHANCE that beauty, not create it. 

Beauty should be good for you. Physically + Mentally. Ask yourself, does beauty have a positive role in  your life? If not--what are some changes you can make? 

Might I suggest-


1. Swapping out your toxic-filled products for some clean beauty products with Beautycounter 







2. Implementing some self love practices with meditation + gratitude practices. Try out these guided gratitude practices from The Alison Show. They're freaking AMAZING. (I'm kind of obsessed with her.)