Safer Beauty ?


If you're here it's because-

1. You're my mom or grandma showing your undying love and support reading everything I post. (Thanks ma!)

2. You're a fellow mama in search of ways to give yourself and your family a cleaner + healthier lifestyle.

3. We went to high school together and you're just trying to see what exactly it is that I'm up to over here...

4. OR you stumbled upon this page because you're dying to know what safer + cleaner beauty is all about and how you can get in on the action. 


I'm hoping the majority of you find yourselves in the 1 & 4 categories. 


Regardless of WHY you're here, thanks for being here. 


Now let's get to it...

WHY safer beauty?

That's easy...why risk your health and well-being in the name of beauty? Why up your chances of becoming terminally ill, or exposing your little ones to chemicals and things that can have life changing affects on them? Simply put; why NOT!? 

WHAT is safer beauty? 


Beautycounter is leading the conversation

The European Union has banned or partially restricted over 1,400 ingredients from personal care products. Canada, has less than 600. And the good ol' USA-- 30.

Beautycounter goes above and beyond what is legally required to ensure that the products work beautifully without compromising safety.

Every potential ingredient is screened for specific human health hazards like cancer, hormone disruption, and developmental toxicity. They consult with scientists and industry leaders working to develop safer formulas and even commission their own studies when there simply isn't enough data available.

Over 80% of the ingredients used are organic, natural, or derived from plants. The rest are held to the same rigorous standard of safety and performance. 

WHERE can I find safer beauty?

Obviously, I my safe beauty source is Beautycounter! And while I think they've got it going on when it comes to effective, safe, and high performing products...I think it's important for you to develop that opinion for yourself! Which is why I encourage everyone to do their research before following blindly. 

My favorite tool in my search for safer is- the EWG app! It's easy to use and breaks down the products you are using with the scan of a barcode! So you can know what's in the product BEFORE you leave the store! Check out more below!

Let's try an experiment,

Now that you're familiar with EWG, go ahead and search out your favorite beauty products and see what's inside. Then, give Beautycounter a search and compare. What did you find!? I'd love to hear the results!