Ain't No Hood Like MOTHERHOOD.

& ain't that the truth.
Hi! You're new here...and you know what, so are we! 
We're Alie & Katie, the mothers behind Motherhood Essentials. (And that little babe is Finn, and in the background we have Kaden and Van. They're the little people that made us mothers.) To learn more about us and our mission here at Motherhood Essentials head on over to MEET THE MOTHERS. Then come right back because if you do, you could be entered to win some awesome FREE essentials...motherhood essentials that is...

Motherhood. It's the most beautiful, miraculous, and blissful calling in this life. Also the most chaotic & demanding. In my 2 years of being a mom, I've discovered a few things that make this crazy lifestyle a little bit easier, more enjoyable, and better looking! (haha!)


One of my top faves being: ESSENTIAL OILS (bet you could of guessed that one...) head on over to ESSENTIAL OILS FOR LITTLES  to read up on my top 5 fave oils for kids.


Next up, LIPSENSE.



Okay, I'll admit, it took me a little while to jump on this bandwagon...but let me tell you, no regrets here! This stuff is amazing! It's long lasting & looks fab. Oh, and it's easy to apply. So yes, everything a mama could want from her lip color! And you's kiss proof! Which means you can smooch those chubby little cheeks all day long without a care in the world! (or, as far as your lip color.) I'm currently in love with the color Praline Rose. You can purchase all your LipSense needs from my girl Kailee of Beyond Brilliant Lips on Instagram & FB.

I could not live without my PLANNER.

FullSizeRender 26.jpg


My top two fave brands for planners are PLUM PAPER & BLOOM DAILY PLANNERS. They're cute, convenient, and best of all--do a great job of keeping me organized! 


FRESHLY PICKED MOCCS are a staple in our home. They're the shoes that my oldest took his first steps in so they have a special place in this mama's heart. Also, they're so stinkin' cute and look good with everything! 


Van is wearing butterscotch 

Van is wearing butterscotch 

That's it for me...take it away Alie!

What is the absolute most rewarding/ yet challenging thing in the world: oh yeah, its called motherhood. And lets be real, we need a couple of daily "essentials" to get us through it.

My first essential (& newest obsession) is LULAROE LEGGINGS!!

How is it that I am just hopping on the LulaRoe train!? I was skeptical to try it out, but let me tell you, I just got my first pair of leggings and I am literally obsessed! And may or may not be living in them!

Check out my girl, Lisa Wallace on FB & Instagram to see when her next sale is! 

My next must have daily essential is the Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Toothbrush.



This toothbrush leaves your teeth feeling as clean as if you have just left the dentist. If there is only one task you have time for in your crazy morning routine, please girlfriend, let it be brushing your teeth. Fun fact about me: I am crazy obsessed with brushing my teeth- weird obsession I know. But I used to be a dental assistant, so I have seen what nasty teeth look like, and no one wants to be a part of that club!

Lastly, my Hydroflask.



I am not lying when I say these things will keep ice in them for over 24 hours. And an awesome plus is that you can actually add essential oils to your water in them (which you do not want to do in a plastic water bottle). Head to the "Shop the Essentials" page to check out more of mine and Katie's daily motherhood essentials :)


LOVE, Alie


GUESS WHAT--we're GIVING AWAY some of our fave motherhood essentials to ONE LUCKY MAMA. To enter go check out our post on Instagram! Best of luck!