5 Things Every Work at Home Mom Can Relate To.

WAHMs (working at home moms) are becoming the modern stay at home mom. With so many wonderful opportunities arising for moms to own their own business and earn money from the comfort of their home, it's no wonder #momboss is trending on Instagram daily. This new generation of moms are changing the way Motherhood looks. And if you're a WAHM, you know these 5 things to be true...

1. Organization is essential for a successful business.

Yes, this is a key attribute for success. So while our desks & calendars are organized perfectly, our linen closet is either OUT OF CONTROL or we've worked our way into the position of paying someone to do that for us. Either way we know, organization in the "workplace" (being home), doesn't always translate to organization in the home...unless you're some kind robo-super mom, or you have a nanny. 

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2. Flexibility is KEY.

Because, some days you're checking off your to-do list quickly and with ease, and others--the only thing you did that day was cook, clean, change 5,343 diapers, and respond to one email that only made it to drafts...it happens. One of the many perks of working for yourself, is that you are ultimately in charge of your schedule and it's okay to be flexible as needed. 


3. Making difficult choices is a part of your everyday routine

Being a WAHM you will inevitably be faced with difficult choices multiple times a day. And they almost always are a matter of choosing work or kids in that moment. And while you always think "my children come first" there are times where you have to let them cry for an extra 3 minutes or let Grandma be the one to take them to that fun museum so you can get some work done. And putting the kids first isn't always easy...sometimes you'll have to turn down an amazing business opportunity because it doesn't fit in with your family. Over time making those decisions becomes a little easier as you prioritize your time & goals. But it never becomes effortless. 


4. There's no such thing as "one thing at a time." Multitasking is your lifeline. 

Your infant just had a blowout, Your toddler is running around butt-naked and managed to find his way into daddy's tool box, and you're on an important conference call that you've already rescheduled...twice. What's a WAHM to do but handle it all, all at once? And you know what, she usually does. How many of you have seen this video:


Raise of hands: how many of you watched this and felt SO understood!? If you want to be a successful WAHM, you MUST know how to multitask. It's the key to survival. 


5. Working at home means you get more time with the kids.

Which real talk, doesn't always feel like a good thing. Like, those moments when you're behind on your schedule because you've spent all day playing guessing games as to what your screaming toddler wants...you can't help but envision yourself in a beautiful, quite office quickly checking off your to-do list with ease. But then, your little one gives you a hug and kiss and says "I love you" for the first time and right then and there you realize you are EXACTLY where you're meant to be. 

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xo K