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This past weekend was spent deep cleaning + decluttering and it felt like magic! A big part of cleaning up our act this year is quite literally cleaning up our home. Decluttering and reorganizing has been SO therapeutic for me. It is incredible what less clutter can do for your body + mind. I actually feel like I can breathe easier! 

As for most modern moms, Target is my BFF. I am the ultimate Target mama. We go at least once a week despite the 40 minute drive, and if you look around my house almost everything we own is a Targét original (with the exception of the pieces handmade by my super skilled craftsmen of a husband...I'll be sharing about those pieces at a later time)! 

In an effort to help you clean up your life too (because trust me, it feels SO good), I'm sharing with you some of my favorite home essentials that are currently ON SALE at Target right now with an EXTRA 20% ONLINE WHEN YOU USE THE CODE "HOMEREFRESH"! 

Alright, let's get to it...

Storage Essentials: 

these are some of my favorite pieces that make organization a little easier + prettier.


Kid's Room Essentials: 

some favorites to add to your kiddos room and make it feel like brand new!


Your Room Essentials: 

Hurry over and shop these and more for the sale on sale deal that ends Thursday!