To, the first one to call me MOM.


To the first one to call me mom,

I never understood the saying "the days are long but the years are short" until today. There is just something about the number three that feels so much bigger than one and two. How can it be that I have had this title of "mom" for three years now? 

It still feels like just yesterday.

Just yesterday that I entered the hospital knowing my world was about to be forever changed.

Just yesterday that I held you in my arms for the first time, with the most overwhelming and strongest feeling of love that I had ever known.

Just yesterday that I immediately felt overwhelmed with fear, unsure if I was enough to be the one you called "mom."

Just yesterday that your daddy and I cried because we didn't get to take you home as planned.

Just yesterday that I had my first taste of mama bear instinct and had to hold myself back as I watched the doctors prod and poke my little baby.

Just yesterday that we got the news that we could finally take you home, and I had never been more proud/excited/and scared in my life.

Just yesterday that you kept us up the majority of your first night at home with your endless cries.

Just yesterday that you peed on me and your Nana during your first photoshoot.

Just yesterday that you smiled and laughed for the first time.

Just yesterday that you took your first steps.

Just yesterday that you called me "mama", and daddy "dada"  for the very first time.

Just yesterday that you made me the proudest mother and welcomed your baby brother into the world with so much love in your little 17 month old heart.

Just yesterday that you grabbed my face and told me  you loved me for the first time without any prompting.

Just yesterday that you entered the world and gave me the greatest title and calling that I will ever have in this life "mom."

Because you call me mom I have found my purpose. Because you call me mom I know a deeper love. Because you call me mom I am inspired to live my best life. Because you call me mom I am able to stretch and grow in ways I never before could. Because you call me mom my world is brighter and more colorful than ever before.

I love you without end. I am SO thankful for the yesterdays and the beautiful memories that they have created. And I both anxiously and hesitantly await the tomorrows that we have to watch you grow into the person that you were created to be.